-29% Kiss - Alive 1975-2000 Box Set
Kiss - Alive 1975-2000 Box Set
Copyright: Universal Music.
Imported from Germany.

CD box set featuring remastered and improved versions of “Alive”, “Alive II”, “Alive III” plus an entire unreleased live concert, bonus tracks, extensive booklet. German releases.


Disc 1 
1Deuce (Live/1975)3:57
2Strutter (Live/1975)3:23
3Got To Choose (Live/1975)3:58
4Hotter Than Hell (Live/1975)3:30
5Firehouse (Live/1975)4:01
6Nothin' To Lose (Live/1975)3:38
7C'mon And Love Me (Live/1975)3:09
8Parasite (Live/1975)3:39
9She (Live/1975)6:56
10Watchin' You (Live/1975)3:56
11100,000 Years (Live/1975)12:10
12Black Diamond (Live/1975)6:00
13Rock Bottom (Live/1975)3:47
14Cold Gin (Live/1975)7:18
15Rock And Roll All Nite (Live From Detroit, MI/1975)4:08
16Let Me Go, Rock 'N Roll (Live From Detroit, MI/1975)5:46
Disc 2 
1Detroit Rock City (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)4:00
2King Of The Night Time World (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:08
3Ladies Room (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:14
4Makin' Love (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:15
5Love Gun (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:42
6Calling Dr. Love (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:36
7Christine Sixteen (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)2:46
8Shock Me (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)5:51
9Hard Luck Woman (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:07
10Tomorrow And Tonight (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:26
11I Stole Your Love (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:36
12Beth (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)2:34
13God Of Thunder (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)5:17
14I Want You (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)4:20
15Shout It Out Loud (Live At The Forum, Los Angeles/1977)3:41
16All American Man3:15
17Rockin' In The U.S.A.2:38
18Larger Than Life4:02
19Rocket Ride4:09
20Any Way You Want It2:35
21Rock And Roll All Nite (Live / Single Version)3:26
Disc 3 
1Creatures Of The Night (Live/1992)4:42
2Deuce (Live/1992)3:43
3I Just Wanna (Live/1992)4:24
4Unholy (Live/1992)3:43
5Heaven's On Fire (Live/1992)4:15
6Watchin' You (Live/1992)3:37
7Domino (Live/1992)3:49
8I Was Made For Lovin' You (Live/1992)4:32
9I Still Love You (Live/1992)6:04
10Rock And Roll All Nite (Live/1992)3:43
11Lick It Up (Live/1992)4:24
12Forever (Live/1992)3:53
13Take It Off (Live/1992)6:04
14I Love It Loud (Live/1992)3:20
15Detroit Rock City (Live/1992)5:30
16God Gave Rock 'N' Roll To You II (Live/1992)5:22
17Star Spangled Banner ("Alive III" Version)2:40
Disc 4 
1Psycho Circus (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)5:36
2Shout It Out Loud (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)3:17
3Deuce (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)3:45
4Heaven's On Fire (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)4:14
5Into The Void (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)4:25
6Firehouse (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)4:00
7Do You Love Me (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)3:55
8Let Me Go Rock 'N' Roll (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)5:16
9I Love It Loud (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)3:25
10Lick It Up (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)4:40
11100,000 Years (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)5:48
12Love Gun (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)4:18
13Black Diamond (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)5:29
14Beth (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)2:43
15Rock And Roll All Nite (Live At B.C. Place Stadium, Vancouver/1999)6:07

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Kiss - Alive 1975-2000 Box Set

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